3 Reasons a Fleshlight is Better Than a Sex Doll

Masturbation is universal in the animal kingdom, but no other known species has gone as far as humans. Using your hands can get tiring and something new always helps stimulate mental interest. Dolphins are known to swim by and pop their member into another's blow hole on a regular basis. Yet only us humans have decided it would be a good idea to create another entire human to help get our rocks off.

Sex dolls have been around for several decades, starting off as blow up dolls and slowly evolving into more sophisticated mannequins. Some of the newer models will even respond to you, or include mechanical components to mimic real movements internally and externally. But realistically there are a few reasons why buying a Fleshlight will outweigh, literally, a sex doll.

Fleshlights don't weigh 100lbs.

Getting a workout is healthy, but getting one from picking up and moving around your lifelike sex doll is... weird. Imagine yourself hauling around a giant sex toy, keeping it in your closet, and having to dress or undress it regularly. There's a reason why owning a Fleshlight has its advantages. Store it in your drawer or leave it out on a nightstand to blend in with your flashlight collection. There are a lot of ways to keep your Fleshlight discreet than having to deal with a friend or family member from coming over and discovering your lifelike sex doll laying in a closet.

Fleshlights don't require lung power.

Let's be real, are you going to thrust yourself upon a pool floater? If the answer is yes you may as well purchase those small pool floaty devices that your parents put on your arms and lube them up to save a few bucks. Maybe having a blow up sex doll sounds like a good idea if you want to keep it tucked away easier than a lifelike doll. Purchasing a Fleshlight will provide you a far more pleasurable experience without having to huff your lungs out to make your female friend come to life.

Fleshlights are easy to clean and mobile.

There's no way you're getting on a plane with a lifelike sex doll, and if you plan on it please provide us a video, it would probably go viral. Having a blow up doll in your bag is just asking for trouble at the security line. Maybe you can convince the passengers waiting behind you that its a pool floater while its being pulled from your bag for inspection. But seriously, a Fleshlight will give you all the pleasure you are looking for and more with the mobility needed to roll through checkpoints unquestioned. After a solid use the most important part is cleaning up, and let's be honest, everyone is lazy as a sack of potatoes when it comes to scrubbing things down. Fleshlights make it easy for you to pop the sleeve out and give it a good rinse. Add a little Fleshlight Fleshwash for its antibacterial properties and you're good to go.

When looking for a male sex toy consider the fact that the Fleshlight is the number one selling male masturbator in the world and there are good reasons for it. Outlined here are some of the reasons we prefer Fleshlights over sex dolls. Arm workouts are great no matter what, lung power is awesome especially if you're a swimmer or runner, and scrubbing out a lifelike sex doll is just dandy if that's what you're into. But here at ShopFleshlight.com we prefer our pleasurable experiences to be mobile, simple, and less likely to be discovered. Consider the latest Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse, the newest and most discreet device yet.